HUGS (HubSpot User Group) Event

Inbound Video - Why should you do it and how can you do it?

Mark spoke at the Manchester HUG about everything you need to know about getting started with inbound video and gave some tips and tricks for you to use.

Inbound video marketing is important; it's all about creating useful, compelling and engaging content to give others an insight into your company culture and heighten the interest in your business.

It can prove to be a daunting task when preparing to create visual content, especially for the first time, but he's got every area covered.

In this talk, you'll see why inbound video marketing can become a useful tool - ranging from the different types of visual content you can create, how you can get started and create your own content (regardless of your budget!), how he overcame their issues along with useful tips and tricks!

  • Learn how to get started with Inbound Video Marketing
  • Benefits Of Using Inbound Video?
  • 5 Ways We Use Video To Gain Trust & Credibility
  • Great Looking Video Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive Or Difficult
  • 10+ What 'Not To Do' Tactics
  • Over 30+ Proven Quick Win Tips & Tricks
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