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A marketer's guide to transformation | Ep01 Revival Beds

With change comes opportunity— and for those willing to embrace change, the opportunities are endless.

Yet for many, change is seen as a bad thing. Too much of a risk, an interruption to something that is already working well.

We want to help businesses break away from this mindset with our new docuseries - A Marketer's Guide To Transformation.

In the first episode of our new we headed over to Retford to meet Adrian Leary and the team at Revival Beds.

Digital 22 have been working with these guys for over 2 years now—they’ve made some big changes to their business in that period and reaped amazing rewards from doing so:

-A marketing strategy that’s contributed towards a 113.4% increase in organic traffic 🚀
-A modernised sales process that’s helped see enquiries rise by 361.5% 💥
-An average email open rate of 40% and email click-through rate of 12% ✅
-A healthy HubSpot CRM that’s being utilised to its full potential 💓

Want to know more?

Episode 1 is ready to watch! Dive in below and let us know your thoughts...

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